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City and County of Broomfield, CO

Real-Time Dashboard

displays the information measured by the real-time sensor systems

Using the dashboard

This dashboard shows data from the real-time sensors.  On it, you can focus on one or more monitoring sites, one or more pollutant indicators, particulate matter and meteorology.

Please note: The public dashboard will only display up to the last 90 days of incoming system data and dynamically changes the "Monitoring Sites" drop-down menu to show sites that have data within this 90-day time frame. All data throughout the history of the program is stored within Ajax Analytics' internal database.  If desired, Ajax will provide data beyond the 90-day time frame.

Set the filters

Filters Overview.png

Review data on the dashboard

Dashboard Overview.png

Zoom in on a moment in time

The wind rose and all of the dashboard plots will adjust to the window of time you have highlighted.

Using the Dashboad
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