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City and County of Broomfield, CO

Event Explorer

allows you to explore the composition and concentration of triggered canisters in context with the Commons background site and Health Guideline Values

About the Event Explorer

Select an Event in the filter on the right and see the auto-triggered canister results (colored shapes) in context with 1-week Commons background measurements (gray bars) and the Health Guideline Values (black circles)

Note: 1-minute Trigger Canister results (colored shapes) cannot be directly compared to 1-hour Health Guideline Values (black circles).  The HGV icons are provided for context.

This interactive plot shows three important pieces of information:

Gray Bars: 
The range of 1-week measurements at the Broomfield Commons site, which is central to Broomfield and 4 miles from the new oil and gas development concern in Broomfield.  This serves as an ambient background comparison range for Broomfield.

Black Circles with Arrow:
The Health Guideline Value (HGV) in ppb for each compound, defined by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.  Not all compounds have a HGV defined.

Colored Shapes:
The concentration measurement of each compound (in ppb unless otherwise labeled) from the automated trigger sample(s) selected in the filter on the right.  
Hover over a point and see the actual concentration measurement and other details about the sample.

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