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City and County of Broomfield, CO

Quarterly Reports

are developed at the end of each quarter.  Data from the quarter is analyzed for trends and interesting events or patterns are investigated in more detail

What is a Quarterly Report?


Quarterly Reports are designed to:


Be consumable by the general public

The reader should not need an atmospheric science or statistics background to take something away from the report.

Convey main points concisely without becoming too large to read

We balance the need to communicate, be transparent, and support the data analysis with the goal of being a consumable and readable report.

Share facts about the information collected by Ajax Analytics and CSU

We work to provide education and context for readers who do not have experience interpreting scientific data.  We work to avoid being misleading about what the data are telling us.

Quarterly Reports are NOT designed to:


Provide specific reasons for the measured values

We value scientific integrity, and we cannot always point to a direct cause for the measurements, patterns, or changes in the data.  The data are presented to help inform, guide further investigation, and narrow the possible reasons for the measured pollutant levels.

Replace academic or regulatory agency monitoring or reports

Our data and analyses do identify questions that can be explored in more depth.  Our measurements often observe air quality in areas without other existing measurements.  We do receive peer-input prior to publishing these reports, though this report is not equivalent to a peer-reviewed journal article.

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