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Are you sharing an effective environmental impact story?

Engage stakeholders with real-time, continuous, real-world environmental data.

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Freedom to focus

while your air monitoring program is managed for you

Measure air quality around a concern site, alert and source emission events, and deliver real metrics to engage stakeholders.


High resolution, hyper-local air quality data

Emission scale context and benchmarking 


Engage in useful conversations around community health and concern pollutants.

Focus your team on improvements that have true environmental return on investment.

Identify emission events quickly and reduce environmental impacts.

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Site emissions are unpredictable.

Your air monitoring program doesn't have to be.


With our scientifically validated deployment strategies, extensive equipment testing, and advanced analytics capabilities, we see what others can't


Ajax Analytics' monitoring network solutions use best-fit technologies to provide 1-minute resolution air quality data at your site in real-time.

When an emission is detected, we send notification alerts and quantify pollutants with reference-grade automated samples in exactly those moments that matter.

Our customers leverage our specific methodology for measuring air quality at a target site using a blend of best-fit technologies, providing immensely more monitoring coverage at a fraction of the cost.

Our air monitoring provides scientifically-sound source attribution so our customers know when an air quality issue is theirs to address.

Our deep understanding of sensing equipment, air pollutants, pollutant transport, and plume composition give our customers confidence in their monitoring reports.

We provide the regulatory plans and reports, the expertise, monitoring equipment, field staff, support, and a modern software platform.


Fully-managed air monitoring.

Predictable monthly subscription fee.

as low as $20k per target site per year


Program levers include:

# and type of monitoring systems

# of reference-grade samples

# of software users or API keys

Service Level Availability requirements


Plan your air monitoring network..


Subscriptions as low as $20k per year

Connected real-time sensor network with:

TVOC Indicator (PID-based) sensors

Wind and meteorology metrics


Real-time monitoring dashboard

Event detection and notification alerts

Secure data collection and management

Turn-key deployment and maintenance services

80% sensor system uptime guarantee

Assistance with regulatory plans and reports


Gold-standard in continuous air monitoring

Connected real-time sensor system network with:

TVOC Indicator (PID-based) sensors

Automated whole-air canister samples 

Particulate Matter 10 & 2.5 Indicators

NOx indicators

Wind and meteorology metrics

Includes everything in AjaxElements plus:

Source attribution event reports

Industry benchmarking

90% sensor system uptime guarantee

Turn-key regulatory monitoring plans and reports


Want to learn more about air quality and real-time air monitoring?

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