Ajax Analytics is a Fort Collins, Colorado-based environmental software company driven to deliver impactful information to our clients.


We believe that unbiased, authentic and impactful environmental information can help eliminate rhetoric and encourage collaboration.  

We work to earn the trust of our customers and the public every day through excellent, adaptable, and responsive solutions.

Brent Buck

President & CEO


We are a diverse team of software experts, environmental scientists and data scientists challenged to execute, innovate and push the status quo every day.


Diversity of experience is a key factor for innovation - and we create innovation every day.

Dr. Ken Carlson

Chief Scientist

Nikken Cullman

Director, Treasurer

Bryan Terry

Environmental Field Technician

Dr. Huishu Li

Environmental Data Scientist

"Ajax Analytics has built a cutting-edge IoT product which leverages the latest in cloud computing to quickly and reliably ingest data from thousands of devices and derive environmental insights that change the way people think about the environment around them."

Trek 10

Software Partner


Monitoring & Research Partner

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